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I’ve Ben Thinking (IBT) is a blog from me, Ben Testani. I attempt to post once per week and cover a wide variety of topics, sometimes from a leftist perspective.

I am the sole writer and editor of IBT, and I take full ownership of all mistakes. I am grateful to those of you who point out typos. My sister is specially eagle-eyed!

I started IBT for two reasons. One is because I was tired of thinking to myself “I could do that” whenever I read a great blog post or watched an informative YouTube video and wanted to prove to myself that yes, I could do that. The second reason is that writing is fun. This project was launched in December of 2020.


If you subscribe, you are willingly agreeing to subject yourself to my writing. And for that, I am incredibly grateful!

All of my posts to date have been free, but I have added a paywall to my archives. Upgrading to a paid subscription helps fund my work, as I occasionally incur paid costs like translation services or records requests in the course of researching and compiling my posts.

About Ben Testani

I am a 26 year old digital professional who no longer feels young enough to refers to myself as a “recent” college graduate. I live in Oakland and am from Central New York.

The opinions I share online and in the newsletter are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer.

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As Seen On

I first wrote publicly for my university’s student newspaper, The Observer, and will be forever grateful to the paper’s editors for kick-starting my passion for writing.

I have a website where you can read more about my background, including my bylines.

This Substack and its contents are a product of I’ve Ben Thinking LLC.

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Ben Testani has really Ben thinking, perhaps too much. These are his thoughts.


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